Thank You Anissa Hollingshead

Day 13. Today I wanted to express appreciation for former Rochester City Clerk Anissa Hollingshead.

Sometimes you don’t know how broken a system is until someone comes in and knows what they are doing. Anissa brought a level of professionalism and fairness to the City Clerks office which was missing previously. Anissa had to put up with the wrath of customers as she put fair and legal processes in place.

Anissa brought in a number of competent, professional teammates to ensure that the City of Rochester processes were fair, equitable, and legally defensible. One of the marks of a strong organization is that it is able to attract and retain talent. One of my great disappointments of my time in office was losing Anissa to another City. That said, her new organization picked up an outstanding performer and person. Anissa made incredible positive changes during her time in the City of Rochester making us more sustainable and equitable.

Fun fact: After a couple of years I even stopped mispronouncing Hollingshead. (Seriously people, correct me on that until I get it right….)

Thank you Anissa.

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