Thank You Gale Julius

Day 5.

I want to thank my long time friend and conscience of the community Gale Julius for all she has contributed to my life. I know that if my moral compass ever needs calibration I can look to Gale. One of my greatest desires for 2021 is to see Gale in better health so we visit some more. Gale puts other people before herself, almost to a fault.

I don’t remember when I first met Gale, but it was around the time that the City of Rochester voted 6-1 to take official steps to recognize LGBT marriages. She was an organizing genius as Minnesota became the first state to support marriage equality by popular vote of the people. Even in previously conservative Olmsted County a majority of voters said, “yes” to loving their neighbors by voting “no.”

Fun story; Gale & I would often disagree about how the City would spend their resources. I always try to explain why a particular decision makes the community stronger after all and Gale gets really bored with me talking about numbers (actually many people do…). I remember one time on the phone where she basically just told me. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, just focus on the people in need.”

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