Thank You Bob Nowicki

Day 3.

I look around Rochester this morning and see the frost covered trees. This reminds me of the 8+ year battle to pass a boulevard street tree ordinance in Rochester. Now all new developments and redevelopments must plant trees. Many parts of Rochester were becoming barren. There were many people who worked hard to get this ordinance passed but Bob was there for the entire decade long fight.

Bob is an incredibly caring individual. It shows in how he cares for his community and his family. Bob was also a longtime volunteer and board member for RNeighbors and you can still find him taking pictures at our tree plantings.

Fun facts: Bob Nowicki & I comprised the “Polish Caucus” on the City Council. Bob was one of the few people I have served with who could out talk me. I have a Barefoot Santa which is a creation of Bob how is quite the woodworker. Bob’s name wanted to auto-correct to “nonstick…”

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