Thank You Lisa Peterson

This morning I wanted to express my appreciation for my long time friend Lisa Peterson. I honestly don’t remember how we first met, maybe at the co-op. Lisa was one of a very small core of volunteers on my first campaign in 2008. Lisa is a community volunteer and is one of the leaders responsible for the forthcoming Urban Forest Masterplan. Her yard and boulevard are amazing examples of sustainable native plants. As such, she helped me with my rain garden. Lisa is also a model of compassion in caring for one’s own family seniors.

For 12 years I have has an elected position, a family, and a small business. Because of this I don’t get to see my friends enough. Post COVID19, we can rectify that. Lisa is one of my favorite beer sampling partners.

This summer my family visited the UP of Michigan and Lisa’s experiences their was certainly a motivating factor.

Funny story; Lisa shares my wives first name and there have been a number of times that I have been somewhere with Lisa Peterson and and the person I am speaking with immediately assumed that she and I are married. It is always fun to see the reactions when I break the news…

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  1. Thanks for all of your hard work. As I drove through town on some errands this a.m., I was struck at how lucky the citizens of Rochester are for so many things. My main trip was to the recycling plus center, where its a one-stop drop for nearly anything. In every other place I’ve lived, there was a separate and distant yard waste. A separate and sparsely manned Haz-mat drop site. A less-than-friendly transfer station, 11 miles away, and regular recycling place run by WM. You had to deal with 4 different entities, and 3 different locations. So that alone is a blessing. Then you have the historic district of old homes being preserved. The skating rink on Soldier Field. The parks in general are amazing. And the improvements continue. Thanks again for your part in all of these things.

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