2021, A year of gratitude.

2020 sucked…

I will start out 2021 with a little gratitude. So as to try to keep in a positive mind frame I will see how long I can keep this going. I hope to write a couple paragraphs recognizing good work or simply people or groups that have inspired me or helped the community. I will continue to use my voice to speak out on issues of fairness and equity. I am hoping on most days (I won’t commit to all) I can recognize someone you might not know about.

Here goes January 1. Randy Petersen, Rochester Post Bulletin

Over the 12 years I served in office I have been covered by 4 full time PB reporters including some guy named Jeff Pieters, I wonder what ever happened to him. Randy has been working the damn near impossible job of covering city, county, DMC and other government functions in recent years. This is too much work for a mortal, but Randy keeps up pretty well. I respect the work that he has done even when I disagree with the coverage. I have personally seen Randy work under some very difficult circumstances.

I believe in supporting local media with subscriptions and Randy is one of the reasons why. I have also occasionally told Randy some information that I couldn’t say publicly and he has always handled it judiciously. This kind of mutual respect is important if you truly believe in an independent media looking out for the public interest.

Here is an example of some of Randy’s solid work. Spoiler alert, in almost every way DMC is exceeding the goals for which it was created.

How has DMC met job and tax goals in first 5 years

Fun Facts: I often joke with Randy because we have been known to misspell each other’s names… Also I am not going to lie that I was always stressed that the former police chief and local media reporter both had email addresses that began with “rpeters” That could have lead to some bad email mistakes, but if I ever did mess that up, I never knew.

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  1. Randy P. is a pro’s pro. I worked alongside him for several years and I was humbled by his dedication. Here’s hoping you won’t be invisible or quiet (not likely) in the future, Michael.

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