Record of Accomplishments

  1. Community Engagement – By devoting 40+ hours weekly to the City; I have created an unprecedented level of community involvement and responsiveness. I regularly attend neighborhood meetings and community events to be informed. I respond to every constituent question via phone, email, or social media. I publish information about city policy and issues. I have provided a short video recap of every city council meeting for more than a decade.
  2. Broadband Competition – After years of struggle we broke the Broadband Monopoly in Rochester. Metronet is now building out a system with more competitive prices and technology. When the project is complete Rochester will have its first all fiber network.
  3. Cascade Lake Park – A masterpiece of our Park system; I have overseen the annual improvements in this park including safe connections in all directions.
  4. Open Government –  We ended secretive dinner meetings, enforced the open meetings law, and now record and permanently archive all official City meetings including Boards & Commissions. I co-wrote and passed the “Transparency Act” the very first day under Mayor Norton and the current council.
  5. Uptown – The area West of 52 along 2nd street has gone from being a challenged part of the community to one of Rochester most popular neighborhoods. I led a collaborative project connecting business & property owners, residents, and the city to rebuild 2nd street into a beautiful neighborhood centerpiece including investments in arts and transit.
  6. Affordable Housing – I have supported the creation of more than 1200 units of affordable housing. I work closely with neighborhoods and developers to get these difficult projects done. Thousands of additional units provide more affordable housing options than the structures they replace. We have created and mapped zones that allow for Transit Oriented Development and new housing options in appropriate places.
  7. Comprehensive Plan – For nearly a decade I fought to make the case and approve a replacement to our 40 year old comprehensive plan. Our new plan was created after thousands of hours of community engagement and focuses heavily on Sustainability and Equity. 
  8. Transit – Put transit management out for fair bids substantially reducing costs. Supported the safety of drivers. Significantly expanded hours and reach of the transit system. Successfully submitted Federal grant for Rochester’s first mass transit line along 2nd street SW.
  9. Walking & Biking routes – My love for biking and walking are well known. We have greatly expanded and better connected our trail system and on street routes. Major improvements included Cascade Lake Trails, Connections to the NW and downtown routes. 
  10. Fair Elections – Co-wrote and passed the “Fair Districts Act” which will insure that City Wards are drawn fairly and without private political pressure. Additionally the City of Rochester will notify and fight if necessary any attempt by County, State, or Federal bodies to draw unfair districts.
  11. Equity – Carried policies to make Rochester a state leader in LGBTQ+ rights ahead of Supreme Court Action. Fought to keep an “equity focus” in our Comprehensive Plan. Supported creation to Government Alliance for Racial Equity team to review policies and practices.
  12. Fiscal Responsibility – Every year we pass a balanced budget and we remain AAA rated. We have improved budgeting practice and transparency under the new city administrator. 
  13. 100% Renewable Energy – I made the successful motion to end Coal Burning at Silver Lake. I made the successful motion to transition RPU to 100% renewable energy in 2030. 
  14. Urban Forestry – Won an 8 year battle to create a boulevard tree ordinance. Leading efforts to finish an Urban Forest Master Plan and Tree Preservation ordinance. Created an RPU underground policy to allow for more trees. Planted thousands of trees to reforest Rochester.
  15. Airport – We modernized facilities and leadership. We have added more airlines and direct flights. I am particularly excited that Denver has now been added. We have more flights and will be getting more reliable schedules as airport improvements continue. Airport planning now includes a transit connection and park & ride facility.
  16. Justice – I am anti-racist and call out bigotry in our community. Vocal supporter of living wages, paid sick leave, and equitable schools. I believe in building & maintaining pillars of equity including accessible parks, libraries, and community schools. I have supported investments in library programming and accessibility.
  17. Brewing Industry – I have supported every piece of legislation passed to nurture our brewing industry. Initiatives I have supported included changes to allow use in more places, Sunday sales, growler sales, food trucks, and safe bike & pedestrian connections to facilities.
  18. LED street lighting – By early 2021 100% of Rochester street lights will be AMA recommended, warm temperature, dark sky LED lights. This will save the community about $400k per year.
  19. MacNamara Bridge – Major trail bridge connecting NW Rochester & the Douglas Trail to Cascade Lake Park. The bridge now sees more than a hundred thousands annually.
  20. RPU Utility Under grounding Policy – RPU now has a police & strategy for burying distribution lines.
  21. Kutzky Park Stream Stabilization – (In process) Addressed erosion in partnership with nature groups.
  22. Little Thistle Trail Bridge – (In process) Create a bridge from the Valleyhigh Trail to 14th Street NW in conjunction with a storm water stabilization department.
  23. Thesis Bridge Trail Bridge – Bridge from Cascade Lake to Uptown Neighborhood.
  24. Shorewood Trail Bridge – Bridge connecting Cascade Lake to Shorewood Senior Campus.
  25. Ranked Choice Voting – Added support for State “Local Options” Ranked Choice Voting bill to city legislative platform.
  26. Mayo Civic Center – Eliminated Previous Convention & Visitors Bureau, banned conflicts of interest, bid contracts publicly, and are already saving more that $1 million annually.

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