Official Letter from School Board

This smells like a campaign stunt…

In the interest of transparency, I am sharing this letter I received from the School Board and Superintendent last Friday. I believe that the Superintendent did hide the offer of free land from the School Board, City, and Public. There are some red flags in the letter and as such I did not respond. I am seeking advice from the state on possible violations of Minnesota Statute 13D. That process has not played out yet.

I am release the letter in full, created by the entire school board outside of a public meeting, as well as the actions I am taking. Note that the letter is in response to my personal social media account. I do not intend to offer a response.

For more than 8 years I have been meeting with School Board and County officials for coffee regularly. This is strange.

Councilman Wojcik, 

We have followed—or have been sent screenshots—of your recent online posts regarding the Superintendent’s communication with the School Board regarding property. You wrote that the Superintendent intentionally “hid” information from School Board members regarding a landowner’s offer to donate property to the District, and then you engaged with others who shared your disdain for that action.

We want to tell you, in the strongest possible terms, you are incorrect. The Superintendent did provide the School Board with this information in a timely fashion. It was discussed in closed session, as policy stipulates, a number of times before the Board determined that the cost to modify this property to make it suitable for a school building was prohibitive. Mr. Wojcik, truth matters.  Clearly you have every right to disagree with School District actions but, especially as an elected official, we ask you to get your facts right. 

We are very concerned about your motivation and eagerness to publish this false narrative which paints both the Superintendent and the School Board as unethical and inept. 

Trust and collaboration between Rochester’s governing bodies are very important to those of us who serve on the School Board.  We hope you will not work to undermine those relationships.


Rochester School Board Members,

Melissa Amundsen

Don Barlow

Jean Marvin

Cathy Nathan

Mark Schleusner

Deborah Seelinger

Julie Workman

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