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2020 will be a campaign cycle unlike others and I would appreciate your support. There are a number of ways you can support the campaign and most of them are free. I love knocking on doors, talking to people, listening to ideas, answering questions, and leaving information if they are not home. That just isn’t going to work in 2020. Too many people are susceptible to Covid19 and candidates should risk disease transmission through hundreds of conversations, or even handing out contaminated materials.

  1. Vote and remind others to do the same. The primary election is on August 11. I expect most people will be voting absentee. Sadly, most people do not vote in primary elections.
  2. Talk to friends and neighbors. This has been, is, and always will be the best way to help any campaign that you believe in. If you support our campaign, We would love to talk to you about how you can best do this. You might not live in my district, but I bet you know people who do.
  3. Share electronic information / social media. We will be posting a number of positions, ideas, accomplishments and priorities on various electronic platforms. Adding your commentary and sharing with your network is a great way to drive the discussion about issues that you care about. Click on the following link and hit “Like” Facebook Campaign Page.
  4. Ask questions. If there is an issue that you want to know more about of an idea you think we should consider, be sure to ask us. Chances are you are not the only person with those questions. If you can’t find where we stand on an issue that you care about, help us to fix that. We what to be able to give honest, complete answers on issues and avoid “political speak.”
  5. Consider volunteering. We are still looking for how to best safely get our message out, but we have some ideas as to how we can keep volunteers effective
  6. Make a financial contribution. Please don’t do this if you are facing any financial struggles. Contributions in any amount are welcome. In 2016 contributions range from $3 to $600 per individual. Contributions over $100 per individual must be disclosed ($100.01 and up). There are 3 easy ways to do this. 1) Venmo (no transaction fees) @Michael-Wojcik-29. 2) Paypal link on this page. 3) Write a Check to Wojcik for Rochester and mail to 984 Fox Knoll Dr. SW Rochester MN 55902. From a personal perspective I value the number of supporting contributors more than I do the amounts given. Though I am almost always outspent, I find with everyone doing that they can, we have been able to run competitive campaigns.
  7. Host a sign. I am not a big fan of yard signs but have hundreds available. If other candidates do not put out yard signs I also will probably not. If you are willing to take one of know others who might, let us know. What is even cooler that hosting a sign is if you make one yourself. Those are the best! We also have a cool new design for 2020 that will be coming out soon.
  8. Correct my spelling & grammar in posts. A big job that requires community effort…

Lastly, please do not personally attack or denigrate other candidates. If we keep this discussion about qualifications, knowledge, performance and vision we can win without playing dirty. In 12 years, I have never once ran a negative campaign ad.

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