Covid19 and Energy Assistance

I wanted to share an email I sent out this morning about the urgent opportunity to get more people signed up for Energy Assistance. Just making people aware of this program and getting them signed up will help us all.

Here is a direct link to some information on the program:

I wanted to make sure that you are all in contact with Krista Boston at RPU about opportunities for energy assistance. The amount of energy assistance available has increased, the deadline has been moved out, and the requirements to qualify have been reduced.

Here is the problem. Because we are not doing shutoffs at RPU many people who would qualify for energy assistance are not necessarily getting it. We need to find these people and get them signed up. Irrespective of how we ultimately handle delinquent accounts when we resume normal practices, every dollar that comes in from energy assistance is a dollar we won’t have to find from local ratepayers. Obviously this is also a great way to prevent people from getting to a delinquent status.

Additionally we discussed the round up program yesterday at the RPU Board meeting. This is where if your bill is $123.63 you can opt to round up to $124 and the remainder goes to help others in the community with their utility bills. I guess it is a “round up style program” as “round up” is trademarked… It doesn’t sound like this will be ready until Jan 1, 2022 but we are heading in that direction.
I am copying all of you specifically because if you are not talking with RPU & Krista about this program; you should be.


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