So, About those videos…

Update: Got additional context on one of the videos, see below.

I’m not going to provide a link here, but if you are really curious what I am talking about, I am sure you can find it. I just don’t care to call attention to inappropriate comments made by some local students. I also think there is no excuse for those students behavior.

The PD provided this response:

“The RPD does not condone the behavior of anyone involved in these events.  In an effort to prevent violence against a juvenile who was receiving active threats as a result of the posting of videos, possibly from years ago, our Officer called asking for the post to be taken down.  We won’t dignify or highlight this bad behavior by making public comments to draw more attention to it.”

Based on my conversations with people involved, here is what I can say about the post in question. This is the situation as I understand it. I am neither a law enforcement expert nor an attorney so this is just my take what I have learned. If I am wrong about something here, I am always open to corrections.

  • Ms. Muhammad is not suspected of any crime at this point. Officer Hartley did contact her as part of an investigation.
  • The video of the white male might have been edited by the Corporate video production Toronto. I am told that the longer video shows he is riding with three African-Americans listening to rap music and all using this type of language. It is never socially acceptable for a white person to speak like that, but it does change the context and intent some.
  • The video of the white female as an 8th grader was apparently done in a snap chat with an African-American friend and quoted Nicki Minaj lyrics. The White Female is now a graduating Senior in High School. This has been called into question by others.
  • I do not believe that the videos of 2 kids using a racial slur were obtained by illegal means. 
  • I have been told that these videos were a year old to several years old.
  • The School District was previously aware of this and may have taken some action.
  • Ms. Muhammad who reposted the videos does not ask for violence against the students.
  • Ms. Muhammad who reposted the videos tagged the students’ future schools which is also not a crime.
  • People who are threatening the students are committing a crime. That is the responsibility of those individuals.
  • Based on the explanation I got from the city attorney; “doxing” by itself is not a crime but it can be and the dividing line can be complicated. If this video had been obtained by illegal means or doctored, that could have been a crime.
  • At the time the officer left the message, many facts were unknown related to the video.
  • There is a different Officer Hartley in Rochester Michigan who has been contacted and that is a completely different person.
  • Hey parents; This would be a great time to teach your kids about what can happen if you participate in or use inappropriate language in a video like this.

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