Initial Analysis of SW School Site

I am please to FINALLY be seeing some data about potential school locations. This is a start but much more is needed. As a city council member there are certain considerations that are before us, especially infrastructure costs, connectivity, and sprawl.

As a Father there are a number of other factors that I care about, but would likely not be considered in a quasi-judicial council vote. I had been told by school officials that a Middle School in the SW location would be better for equity. I did not believe this and said, “show me the data and you can convince me.”

This preliminary data shows that if it were to be built in SW Rochester; the newest school would be far and away the wealthiest & whitest school in the district. Whiter & wealthier than any existing school and more so that any school in the similar analysis for a NW option. I would expect these disparities to be far worse in 10 years. Friedell might actually be similarly less diverse and wealthier, but no data is provided and the school is eliminated in either scenario.

Despite statements otherwise, every professional in the City of Rochester has consistently warned against and never supported the SW site. Our recent sewer analysis and a crude calculation showed that developing 2 mile circle around the SW site would cost more than $200 million more that around a NW site in just Sewer expenses.

So as to keep things moving I hope to bring an official action before the council on 3/16 to specify the data from our City team in conjunction with the Schools team that I wish to see prior to any consideration.

Northwest Site Analysis

Southwest Site Analysis

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