2019 City Public Works Projects

Street Projects

4th Street SW Reconstruction – J7326 (April 2019 – August 2019) 
The project will reconstruct 4th Street SW, from 1st Avenue to 6th Avenue, to address the pavement that is in poor condition, to add bicycle facilities, improve pedestrian safety, to upgrade the sanitary sewer capacity in downtown, and to replace water main. 
Projected cost of $5.3M, funded by special assessments, local utility funds, State Aid Funds, DMC Sales Tax and State DMC Funds.

6th & 7th Avenues SW/NW Reconstruction – J7319 (June 2019 – November 2020)The project will reconstruct 6th Avenue SW/NW and 7th Avenue SW/NW from 2nd Street SW to 5th Street NW. The project replaces deteriorated pavement, replaces undersized sanitary sewer, insufficient storm sewer structures, aged water main utilities and deficient sidewalk panels, provides pedestrian enhancements, adds bike lanes, and includes bumpouts at most intersections. Projected cost of $5.9M, funded by DMC Sales Tax, DMC State Funds, State Aid Funds, Cooke Park Project funds, local utility funds, and special assessments.

North Broadway Avenue Reconstruction – J7318 (June 2019 – July 2021) 
The project is intended to begin the transformation of the Broadway Avenue corridor into a significant multi-modal gateway to downtown Rochester. The project will include the complete reconstruction of Broadway Avenue North from Civic Center Drive to Silver Lake, including the alleys on each side of Broadway. Alley work will occur in the first year and Broadway work will occur in the following year.
Projected cost of $19.1M, funded by special assessments, State Aid Funds, Broadway Turnback Funds, State DMC Funds, and local utility funds.

Bridge Projects

7th Street NE Bridge Preservation – J7913 (May 2019 to September 2019)The historic 7th Street Bridge will be completely rehabilitation of this historic bridge, along with a mill & overlay of 7th Street NE from the bridge to 11th Avenue NE. New buffered bike lanes will tie into those along West Silver Lake Drive, the North Broadway facilities and a future extension of facilities to the west. 
Projected cost of $1.8M with funding coming from State Bridge Funds, Municipal State Aid Funds and tax levy pavement preservation funds.

15th Avenue NW Bridge Replacement – J7916 (June 2019 to August 2019)The bridge consists of two elliptical culverts that were constructed in 1972 and has been determined to be severely deteriorated beyond the capacity to safely carry legal loads. The bridge will be replaced with a single 10×4 concrete box culvert.
Projected cost of $320,000 with funding coming from State Bridge Funds and Municipal State Aid Funds.

Additional Projects

1st Avenue SW Relief Sewer for the Government Siphon – J7825 (May 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020)
A new sanitary sewer siphon is being installed along 1st Avenue SW and 2nd Street SE to replace an existing deficient sanitary sewer crossing of the Zumbro River and to support planned development in the DMC District and southeast Rochester. 
Projected cost of $6.5M funded by DMC State Funds and Sales Tax, and Sewer and Water Utility Fees.

Dedicated Bike Lanes on 3rd & 4th Avenues and Center Street – J8903 (August 2019 to July 2020)
The project includes the addition of bicycle lanes along Center Street from 6th Avenue SW to the Zumbro River bridge; along 3rd Avenue SW/NW and 4th Avenue SW/NW from Soldiers Field to 5th Street NW. The goal of the project is to provide safe, comfortable and convenient bicycle access to and through downtown Rochester for bicyclists of all ages and abilities. 
The estimated project cost is $1.6M and will be funded with Destination Medical Center (DMC) State Funds.

Trail Project: Highway 14 East – J4670 (Spring 2019 to Summer 2019)
A multi-use path will be constructed along Highway 14 from Marion Road/15th Avenue SE to East Circle Drive and along College Drive SE from Highway 14 to 8½ Street SE. This trail will connect Eastwood Plaza, Rochester Community and Technical College and the surrounding neighborhoods. 
Projected cost of $1.2M funded by Federal Enhancement Funds, Municipal State Aid, and Tax Levy.

Trail Project: West Circle Drive from 41st Street NW to the Douglas Trail – J4694 (Spring 2019-Summer 2019)A 10-foot wide multi-use path along the east side of West Circle Drive NW will be completed in 2019. This multi-use path will be separate from the roadway.
Projected cost of $300,000 funded by development charges to the abutting property owners.

Gamehaven Wetlands – J4869 (May, 2019 –November 2019)Creation of 90 acres of wetlands at the WR-4 Reservoir.
Projected cost of $1.7M funded by Flood Control Reserves and Storm Water Utility Fees.


  1. How do we get the rumble bumps repaired on our short street? Really bad in the winter. I have talked to the street dept for three years running.

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