“We are leading the horse to water.”

Below is the video stream from today’s mega meeting with the Rochester Mayor, City Council, Olmsted County Board, and DMCC Board. This was not a productive use of anyone’s time and top down leadership won’t address our equity issues.

At about 1:21:35 Jim Bier made some comments that really bothered me. I don’t agree with what he said and I responded. I do not want to blame the poorest among us for not doing enough to advocate for their needs. People work 3 jobs to afford the basics, don’t own a car, can’t afford family care, and can’t attend meetings for 2 hours on a Tuesday at 11 AM in the hopes they might get to say something.

Regarding the poor in our community:

  • “We are leading the horse to water”
  • “They have to come to us”
  • “You can’t just sit back and throw peanuts from the peanut gallery.”

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