Trump Campaign stiffs Rochester Taxpayers

It appears that the Trump Campaign stop in Rochester will have a substantial taxpayer subsidy. The following is based on staff analysis:

In total, the City spent approximately $76,000 (personnel, contract resources, equipment) on direct costs for President Trump’s visit…in addition, exempt employs worked 470 hours which is not accounted for in the $76K…all said, City employees (both exempt and non-exempt) invested over 1,400 hours…this info will be shared with the PB this week as well.

After receiving this information, I asked staff if the Trump Campaign would be covering their costs and the response was pretty straight forward.


While the campaign did pay for use of the Mayo Civic Center, the city will not be compensated for its direct costs or the costs of staff time. Using a conservative allocated cost figure of $37.50 / hour (all inclusive) for staff time, exempt staffing costs were an additional $17,625.

In total it appears that the campaign stop in Rochester cost local taxpayers $93,625 for which we are left holding the bill.


  1. That’s the norm for him. I believe us US taxpayers are also footing the bill for his flights to rally. The RNC, or the election campaign should have paid for this, as it wasn’t business of the US but campaigning.

  2. Maybe you should send him to collection. Or perhaps garnerish his wages. Maybe the GOP party can cough it up. Why should we the taxpayers pay for his mistakes. The majority didn’t want him here.

  3. Its a bit of a cheap shot to ask the Trump campaign to foot this bill. Trump wasn’t running, Maybe the RNC, Hagedorn campaign, Housley campaign, maybe Jason Lewis campaign. Hey Dems, how does it feel to have your taxpayer money going to something you don’t approve of? Planned Parenthood, NPR…

    1. Planned Parenthood and NPR?You mean things that actually have a very measurable benefit to the people of our state? That would be just terrible.

    2. As I recall, congress approved the payments to NPR and Planned Parenthood. With Mr. H. going to Washington, maybe that will change.

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