Scientific Poll of Rochester Citizens

Here is a presentation containing the results of a (scientific) poll. The poll was conducted by Morris Leatherman. I am a believer in regular polling as a method of scientific understanding and not example or opinion based feedback.

Poll Results

I have to confess that these results are incredibly positive and perhaps more positive than I would have guessed. 87% of residents believe Rochester is headed in the right direction. We often place too much weight on the voices who are the loudest. This gives us a real feel for where the community is at.

Also of interest, a majority would not want to see tax increases for new amenities while a plurality would accept tax increase to maintain the status quo. This is important to understand as we have large unfunded liabilities which will require changes to simply maintain the status quo. This may include increased density and tax base, policy changes, fee increases, tax increases, or more likely a combination of all of these.


  1. If taxes keep going up here I may be forced to move. Rochester has become my home and my family is here, but I have to be able to afford to live.

    1. Yup, this is a concern. Most tax increases in recent years have been caused largely by urging property values. A lack of affordable housing pushed up all home prices which raise taxes. We need to focus on smarter growth. The foolish expansion of city roads to an unsustainable level will force tax increases for many years unless we get smarter… fast…

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