My January 7, 2019 Agenda

I lived in Hibbing, MN for awhile. Another local there sang a song about “Times they are a changin”

On January 7, 2019 we will have a new Mayor and a new council. Ed Hruska who I sometimes disagree with but always respect is retiring. Mark Hickey already has one opponent and has no business being on the City Council. If the voters are paying attention Mr. Hickey will be removed from office. We will be electing a new mayor and I hope she/he is a good one.

The following represent issues that should be able to be passed on that date. I figured I had better start a list.

  1. Council members who sit on any private board must recuse themselves when when that board’s issues come before the council. This passed the council 4-3 (Hruska, Hickey, Staver) and was vetoed by Mayor Brede.
  2. Record and live stream all city council meetings. Currently most official city council meetings are not video recorded or live streamed. The current audio recording are unusable at best. The venue where the meetings are held is frequently past capacity and fails to accommodate those with mobility issues. The hours of committee meetings make it difficult for many to attend. This passed 5-2 (Hruska, Hickey). Mayor Brede vetoed the change. Randy Staver switched his vote to prevent the override.
  3. Direction to also video record and live stream all other official public meetings of boards and commissions. See above.

More to come as I document my notes.

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