Statement on Social Media

Transparency is one of my core values as an elected official. Social media helps me to demonstrate that.

Social Media and the Internet are perhaps the most important advancements in communication since the Guttenberg Press. I will not abandon the generations of younger citizens who primarily access elected officials and learn about city government via Social Media. I cannot reach 120,000 people without the tools that Internet platforms provide.

As part of being on Social Media we all encounter an environment that is sometimes filled with unpleasant commentary and incorrect information. So is life. The occasional negatives do not come close to outweighing the transparency, collaboration, sharing of general knowledge, and authentic communications that come from Social Media.

I will continue to make myself available to my constituents for commentary, conversation, and even criticism on social media. I will continue to block access to only those who choose to attack anonymously or those making comments that are particularly vile, personal in nature or not related to city business.

I ask the citizens of Rochester to elect officials who also believe in transparency. As I write this, Councilmembers Mark Hickey, Ed Hruska, Randy Staver, and Mayor Ardell Brede are forming a block that is actively preventing the majority of the Rochester City Council from video recording, streaming, and archiving most of our official public meetings. It is 2018 and this needs to stop.

I will not abandon the next generation of Rochester leaders on their preferred platforms. I will continue to meet people however they choose to communicate; whether it be via social media, electronic communications, phone, regular public availability, or over a craft beverage at a local business. You elected me to be present and available for you. I promise I will continue to do that.

Michael Wojcik

Rochester City Council

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