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Here is part of an exchange between myself and DMC staff. I am pushing to publish more DMC data that responds to my own concerns as well as those of the greater community. My question for the community is what data would you like to see? My ultimate goal is a dashboard that is easily accessible and features relevant data to separate myth from fact.

I also suggested the the url:  might be appropriate…

Hi Councilman Wojcik –

Thanks for meeting last week. Attached are the community metrics data we capture through 2015. For a cleaner version, these are shared in our DMCC meetings and available online currently. Regarding the sharing of this data online, our intent is to wait until our data grab is complete over the next 6 weeks and then put something similar up on the website. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Below are the items I captured from our conversation. If there were other items that I didn’t include here, please let me know. Overall, a couple of these items we will need to think creatively on as they aren’t captured in the census data and may prove quite difficult to track down. But at the moment, let me know if this the comprehensive list and we can see where we can go from there.

  1. DMCC expenses, EDA, public investment in public and private projects
  2. Available and updated online – should be accessible
  3. Incremental City taxes – principally property within the district – GIS dataset, actual city property tax on parcels
  4. City in, City out / State in, State out / County in, County out –incremental taxes generated vs expenses
  5. Housing – cost-burdened data
  6. Supply of affordable housing in community compared to wages
  7. Net domestic migration


Kevin Bright I CEM, LEED AP Homes, O+M, BD+C
Energy and Sustainability Director
Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency

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