Response to neighbors on gun club ordinance

I received a flurry of last minute notes and I at least wanted to respond to you all and let you know what went down. All of the performance criteria that was suggested was approved and a Conditional Use Permit was issues. The 500 foot setbacks were not. The final compromise passed by a 5-2 vote. Regardless of whether people agree with me I try to offer a response so they can see my rational.

The city council was not deciding as to whether or not to approve a gun club. That does not require council approval. Rather we created a set of rules that all gun clubs must abide by. I could not support the 500 foot setback as the figure seemed entirely arbitrary. I asked staff and my peers several times what we gain by doing that and never received a credible answer. Making changes for the explicit purpose of prohibiting a business after the acquired the property would require something more than arbitrary in my book.

The performance standards that were adopted will limit gun noise, alcohol, and make other accommodations that are far more stringent than other uses that are allowed in a B4 zone. From the limited data, I could find it would appear that a gun club as a use is actually orders of magnitude safer than just an arterial street. In short, the 40th or 48th streets are far more dangerous and probably far louder than anything you would typically experience at an indoor club. I am a long time crusader against B4 zoning and wish to eliminate it from neighborhood settings. That said, to date I have not had the votes on the council. As such anyone the buys near a B4 zone is subject to a number of uses they might not wish for.

Lastly guns are dangerous and everyone recognizes that. Irrespective of what the council was to do these facilities must be built to stringent state and federal standards. That is why the incident rate is so low. You would be more likely to get a stray bullet from a hunter or from the Olmsted County Law Enforcement range that you would from this club. City action does also not waive state and federal environmental laws. The eagles are safe…

One neighbor commented that he and his immigrant friends do not understand why the US is so gun crazy. Well neither do I, so I will give you that one…

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