City of Rochester defeats MnDot.

A victory for common sense, public safety, the Baihly Neighborhood and the City of Rochester. Now if we could just build roads right the first time (and eliminate state aid standards)…


MnDOT required the city to remove the speed tables installed on Fox Valley Drive SW over 15 years ago.   You may recall a MnDOT representative came to a COW meeting and explained their position.  They contented the speed tables violated State Aid rules.   The City Public Works staff filed an appeal and requested a Variance from the MnDOT State Aid variance Committee.   The Committee denied the city’s Variance request based entirely on MnDOT staff testimony.  I appealed that denial of the Variance and sought a Contested Case Hearing, as provided for by Statute, on the denial.

I recently received the attached letter from MnDOT.  The letter states that they have rescinded their denial and rendered the request for a Contested Case as moot.

The city does not need to remove the speed tables or remove this street from the State Aid system!

Richard W. Freese, P.E.
Director Public Works / City Engineer


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