Proposal to correct oversight

Today I will propose a change to how the City of Rochester oversees $7 million dollars in support for outside agencies. I am frustrated with the status quo and am pursuing corrective action.

The memo that I prepared for the council can be found here.

Recent events have shown a persistent weakness in our oversight of public funds. This proposal would create professional oversight and decrease the influence of political connections in the allocation of public funds. I view this as a needed step to restore public faith in our management public funds going to partner organizations. While not every organizations has had issues, every taxpayer dollar deserves meaningful public oversight.

Here is the approximate amount of taxpayer funds being issued to outside organizations in 2017.

 photo 2017 City Outside Contributions_zps10d0huev.jpg

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  1. There has to be something done with the board and the way they run the civic theater. I’m just one of the many volunteers that enjoy helping but not anymore until there is change. If they say volunteers don’t matter they are stupid. If it wasn’t for us,they wouldn’t have a job

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