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Here is the latest information on how I and the city plan to review proposals for the reuse of the armory. I would give a tip of the hat to Nick Campion who started us out on the right foot. He made some good suggestions and I switched how I plan to review these the proposals. In addition Annalissa Johnson & Mark Bilderback (thus a majority of the council) also agreed.

 photo Position on Rochester Armory Proposals_zps5n0olvok.jpg

The city council will review the 5 proposals at a committee of the whole meeting on June 5th. Due to the heightened interest in the community we will be moving the meeting to a larger venue. For now the 5 proposals are private, but as I receive permission I intend to share those 5 proposals here. I will add links as I get public data.

Contrary to the case with other decisions, in this case the Council may make their decision by whatever criteria they so choose. We are also free to talk about our thoughts and opinions at any time. In short, we are not in a “Quasi-Judicial” role.

I would say 3-4 of the proposals were very good. Previously I supported the ACI proposal and again they made a strong proposal.

I am also interested in your input, please send me questions you think we should ask at the COW meeting. I am going to publish a list here so no one gets to surprised. I have a strong preference in maintaining public ownership of both the Armory and the parking lots. I could see eventually selling the lots, but only after planning is firmed up in the area.

Some questions I may ask:

  1. Under your proposal would the Armory remain publicly owned? (this is disclosed)
  2. Does your proposal require the inclusion of the parking lots?
  3. If the parking lots are a currently required; would you still pursue the project if those lots remain publicly owned?
  4. If your proposal calls for private ownership of the Armory, would you consider proceeding with a long term lease instead?
  5. If a long term lease would work, what length and terms would you consider?
  6. What do you see as the typical usage and demographics in a given week?
  7. How will your project benefit minority / low income / immigrant communities?
  8. Your question here


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