5 year transit plan update.

Most folks know the issues have most focused on, housing, transit, planning, broadband. I am delighted to see significant progress on transit. I requested some additional information to illustrate just how much we are expanding service in the next 5 years. Effectively this is an 80% increase in transit service, expanding hours, routes, and days. Each update will be effective on July 1. Click on the links to see details of every single route.

Special thanks to Bryan Law for doing such a great job putting this information together.

Michael –

You asked about some information about the changes we are proposing with the Transit Development Plan (TDP), especially how those changes might be phased in.  I have links, below, to maps for each of the five years of the TDP, along with a brief note about what we can expect in each year.

Year 1 (July 2017)

RPT will be adding service to current routes, especially by expanding the service span (the time of day during which routes run). Almost all weekday peak-hour routes will arrive downtown at least once before 6:00 am, and will also arrive downtown at least once after 7:00 pm. Saturday routes will also be expanded to run from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. RPT will institute Sunday and holiday service, which will be a repeat of the expanded Saturday schedule.  The map of Year 1 should look much like the current system map; the differences will be in the hours of operation.

 photo 2017_zpsoxnhyj9s.jpg

2017 Transit Route Details

Year 2 (July 2018)

RPT will dramatically change its route nomenclature, expand its geographical service area, and extend much more frequency to routes during off-peak hours (particularly in the midday). Almost all the changes involve the addition of service. Some routes have been reconfigured such that there are more opportunities for transfers to be made in places outside downtown. The Crosstown Loop (Route 91) will begin service, providing even more opportunities for transfers outside of downtown. If RPT’s system looks like a hub and spokes, the Crosstown Loop completes the wheel by adding a rim to it.

 photo 2018_zpshd8cutrd.jpg

2018 Transit Route Details

Year 3 (2019)

An expected shortage of vehicles in Year 2 leads us to anticipate not being able to split the successor to the current Route 8 (serving Country Club Manor) until delivery of new buses in Year 3. In Year 2, the current Route 8 will be renamed Route 50, but will otherwise operate as it currently does. In Year 3, however, this will finally be split into Routes 52 and 54, allowing for more efficient service to the northern and southern halves of the neighborhood.

 photo 2019_zpslvyxouu4.jpg

2019 Transit Route Details

Year 4 (2020)

In the fourth year of the TDP, an east-west Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route – as contemplated by the Destination Medical Center plan – might be feasible. This route would connect St Marys Hospital and Mayo’s main campus, and might continue to points further east, before terminating and turning around near the K-Mart site on 9 St SE. This is represented on the map by Route 84.

 photo 2020_zps6moyozvc.jpg

2020 Transit Route Details

2021 – North-South BRT service

In the fifth year of the TDP, a north-south BRT route could be established along Broadway Ave., connecting the northeast side of the City with the airport. This is represented on the map by Route 84.

 photo 2021_zpsstypewhd.jpg

2021 Transit Route Details

I hope this helps.  Let me know if there is anything else I can provide you.


Bryan Law, AICP

Transit Planner | Rochester Public Transit

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