City Administrator Comments on Charter Change.

I am disappointed in this take from the city administrator.  While the city administrator may view the comments of the public to be offensive, I respect what the public has said. Further I find it more than just a little interesting that the city administrator and Mayor would seek to rewrite Rochester Home Rule Charter (our constitution) without ever holding a discussion with the council or public. I wish to express my appreciation to Dave Beal, Kellie Mueller, Dennis Davies, and Jessica Schmidt for stepping up when the process failed.

I will not allow this kind of decision to be made without the involvement of the public and meaningful public dialog.

I question why we even need to speak to non-elected officials in the Charter. This can be done by ordinance.

I remain happy that the Charter Commission saw fit to prevent any changes weakening the position of Mayor.

City Administrator’s Statement.


  1. I am so disappointed that not only is our national government becoming more and more like a dictatorship, but now our local government if too. This is not acceptable and I hope that these changes will not be made official until the public and council are informed of and voted upon.

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