Major changes proposed for City Charter

There are major changes being proposed to the city charter. These changes would seek to make the Mayor position far less meaningful and the City Administrator position far more powerful. This would take oversight of city departments away from elected officials.

The rational being given for the changes is that the current Mayor has chosen not to take on these responsibilities. The current Mayor has delegated many of his most important roles to the City Administrator. These changes would make that delegation permanent.

On another note, the fact that 8 years after raising the issue, we still don’t have gender neutral in the City Charter speaks to just how ineffective our current Charter Commission is. Contrary to how our charter reads; women can actually be Mayor and/or City Administrator.


A “Home Rule Charter” or Charter is like a city’s constitution. It sets the rules for local government. Ours can be found here:

A Charter change can only be made by a vote of the public OR a unanimous city council.

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