Comments in PB regarding latest foolish Quam bill

Some folks are pretty fired up about this (actually on both sides):

Rochester City Council Member Michael Wojcik, an avid cyclist, said he sees plenty of problems with Quam’s bill. For starters, he said Quam’s proposal would create additional barriers for bicyclists.

“Certainly, bicycling for some of us is recreational, but for other people it is critical transportation, affordable transportation, and this gets in the way of making that transportation accessible,” Wojcik said.

In addition, Wojcik said he suspects the cost of administering the permit program would far exceed the $5 fee. He also worries the permit requirement could give law enforcement another excuse to stop and question people of color. He added he would like to invite Quam to go for a bicycle ride with him to learn about the issues facing cyclists in Rochester. He added, “I don’t know where Rep. Quam’s anger toward cyclists comes from.”

In particular some people have expressed both anger and support over this paraphrasing of my discussion.

He also worries the permit requirement could give law enforcement another excuse to stop and question people of color.

The whole outrage is a little silly that I would be called out for raising a concern that was documented in a report release just 3 months earlier.

Do I have reason for concern in Minnesota? Yes.

How do I know? Because of this analysis by Dr. Melody Hoffmann & Anneka Kmiecik: Citation Report

Were my comments targeting the Rochester Police? No

Have we had recent inappropriate actions by a couple members of the Rochester Police Department? Yes

Were they reflective of the department as a whole? No

Were they addressed? Yes

Do I respect law enforcement? Yes

Do black lives matter? Yes

Are these two statements inconsistent? No

It is 2017 and racism is still a thing. If I am going to get attacked for having an open discussion about racism and public policy we are not going to ever address the issue.

Reactions like this comment from Randy Staver are not going to allow us to have a serious discussion:

“comments made by council member Wojcik are disappointing and even disturbing”

Mr. Staver my points are not disturbing, its leadership, its fact & issue based. Seriously discussion these issues requires courage.

And just in case you were wondering if Mr. Staver actually spoke to me before writing that. Nope…

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