Heart of the City North Response

Many of you probably saw that I made the case that Heart of the City North should not be given $12 million in taxpayer subsidies. You can read my analysis here.

Not surprisingly the developer disagrees and thinks that they should receive $12 million in support of their project.

Bob Dunn sent the following response.

It will require 4 city council members to say “no” to TIF in order to prevent this foolish subsidy from occurring. Many well connected people stand to make a fortune off of these unnecessary and unjustified subsidies. Lets see where your councilmembers stand.

Note, the Michael’s site should also not receive any TIF to subsidize irrational land prices and the Broadway at Center costs are misleading.


  1. I have to ask why they feel TIF is needed? This is just a 17 story building with bland fa├žade materials and above ground parking. The Bloom development I can see TIF for because it will be replacing an old public ramp with new space, redeveloping the water front, and providing additional public space along the waterfront which will enhance the city. This Heart of the City North project doesn’t provide any public good. If they want to be ambitious and build something twice as tall with great materials, I might consider it. But not with the current plans. Thoughts?

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