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Here is a letter that the council received from Sandy Melville. She came to speak at the Uber hearing but could not stay until 4 AM.


It was mentioned that I reach out to you regarding the NEED for a Rochester ordinance change to allow UBER access to Rochester. I would absolutely like to have a chance to address the council regarding an ordinance change for UBER. I sat through the marathon session 2 weeks ago waiting ENDLESSLY while people talked multiple times and for 20-30 minutes each about the Miracle Mile project. By 2a.m. my head was POUNDING and I needed to leave during the lengthy address by Roger of Roger’s Tree service.

My push and interest in UBER is NOT for my use but in having talked to hundreds and hundreds of DUI offenders within  se. MN. counties.  I have addressed most likely over 20 groups of DUI offenders at MADD facilitated victim impact panels. Some of these groups I’ve address have been in excess of 100 people upwards to 200 at a time. These groups are comprised mainly of 20-30 yr old millennials.

When given a questionnaire to complete after these panels SOOOOOO many have answered the question of “why they drove drunk” with, there was NO TAXI service available for over an hour.  They shared they didn’t want to wait that long!

I also host NUMEROUS MAYO dept meetings at DAMON House, which is William MAYO’S retirement home adjacent to the MAYO Foundation House.  These meetings are comprised of MAYO employees from Rochester, Jacksonville and Tucson along with many other MAYO satellite locations.

The ages of these groups vary, but when I host a group of resident DR.’s for interviews they are of course millennial’s looking to relocate to Rochester.  They are very surprised and MOST dismayed that Rochester does NOT have the UBER service !!!!!

Uber allows users to make reservations via a phone app and ALL payment information is contained in that app so ZERO CASH CHANGES HANDS.  I’ve also hosted visiting Physicians that use the UBER app to track their families/ childrens use while they are away from home visiting Rochester as a guest Physicians/speaker.

I can specifically share these example by married Physicians from Quebec tracking their 18 yr old son’s travel and UBER use while at home in Canada when they were in Rochester.

My daughter lived in the Milwaukee suburban area for 3.5 years and used UBER religiously and continues to do so now living in the western suburb’s of MSP.

Rochester wants to compete on a level with large metropolitan areas with our DMC initiative than UBER needs to be a part of this picture. When the owners and /or Managers of the TAXI companies in Rochester cry FOUL stating this will hurt their business and make them lay off employees just shows nothing short of a monopoly.

Rochester is host to more than 1-2 grocery stores, restaurants and god KNOWS too many drinking establishments that OVER-SERVE many people in the “vibrant” alcohol fueled downtown and they ALL seem to exist and do business.

Why does a TAXI business owner get to scream foul and control what Rochester needs to compete in this DMC growth to serve a LARGE group of the population ?

NOT everyone coming to Rochester or living in this fair city has the income of many MAYO Physicians and scientists.  There is a push for affordable housing in this upcoming DMC city, this need can ALSO be applied to affordable transportation.

My push for UBER and affordable 24 hour transportation is personal;

I lost my 23 yr old son 6 yrs ago on 11-27-10.  A drunk driver hit and killed him on impact as he crossed the crosswalk with 7 other individuals on Broadway and 4th. Austin was hit one step from the curb adn thrown 51 feet to his death by an alcohol impaired driver that was OVER-SERVED in Rochester establishments!

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sincerely, Sandy Melville

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