Uber Letter 2

I completely understand this person’s need for annonymity.


Greetings Council Members,
I received an email from a neighbor that is a perspective that you may not have heard. To protect her anonymity I have not included her place of work or name. I will be out of town and not able to attend tonights meeting.

“I have been working at a major downtown hotel at the Front Desk on the overnight shift for a year.

Hotel guests very often need to book taxis or shuttles to the RST (and MPS) airports. The shuttles are all part of the same companies as the taxis: STAR/RST shuttle are Med City taxi, Go Rochester Direct is part of the Yellow Cab company.

The argument that we don’t need an option for Uber is ridiculous and I would guess that Yellow Cab and Med City did not fully share their situation with their connections with those on the City Council.

The situation is this: Neither company has enough taxi’s to cover the needs especially in the morning hours for all the guests at our hotel (to say nothing of the plethora of other hotels in town and our own citizens) to get a taxi or shuttle (limited schedules based on the flight departures from RST) without making a reservation a day ahead of time. There are many MANY days that we are told that they are booked out–by both Yellow and Med City. Guests are very often left in the lurch and stressed out believing that they could get a taxi at the front of the hotel when they need one (and is usual in any other city in the country); that is absolutely not accurate and between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. for those first 3 flights out of RST on DL and AA I am often like a traffic cop putting guests together in taxi’s and negotiating with the taxi companies to do the same. These requests to the airport are also compounded by many people needing to get to SMH for early morning check-in for surgical procedures. There are NOT enough taxi’s to meet demand for the hotel guests and for the community members. There is a new taxi company with blue vehicles, but I have tried calling them for guests in a pinch and they don’t answer or have poor communication/contact abilities that I am leery to trust.

The preferential situation shown by the Council recently to the Yellow Cab company and Kurt Marquardt is out of line and without reason besides being really unethical in my opinion; they probably however don’t realize that we don’t have enough taxi’s in town to fill anywhere close to the needs of the hotels and the community. As a citizen I have not had a taxi on time to get me to the airport in some time and make my request sometimes for an hour before I really should need it or I just drive and take the expense hit–which is usually what I do as I cannot trust the pick-up time reservation or not.”


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