October 28, 2016 Campaign Finance Report

I know these things will be scrutinized heavily so in addition to posting this publicly I will also share some stats.

Here is a link to my filing.

84% of my contributors were small dollar donors and almost exclusively from here in Rochester. Most of the other ones are friends or family.

I have received $0 combined from everyone mentioned in the Med City Beat “Dark Money” expose.

I have received $0 ever in dark money support.

I have never had a “Super PAC acting on my behalf.”

I have received $0 combined from everyone associated with the Alatus Project (realtors, property owners, developers, contractors, etc.). Given the contentious nature, I just didn’t think it would be appropriate to solicit or accept any funds.

In terms of the development community I received 4 itemized donations from people currently working in Rochester. None have had contentious decisions recently. I believe that every project these folks are associated with passed 7-0, but I have not confirmed this.

  1. Peter & Paul Gerrard – I worked with Peter & Paul on the Metropolitan Marketplace (People’s Food Co-op) Project and the Park at Kutzky. Both of these projects passed unanimously and are widely appreciated by the neighborhoods they reside in. Contrary to a comment that was made, I recused myself for much of the Metropolitan Marketplace Discussion & votes as I was a board member with the Good Food Store Co-op (Now People’s Food). Additionally I receive contributions from Bill. a.k.a. “Big G” and Mary Ann Gerrard. I met Bill before I was even elected to the council and he is now retired, but I do see him every now and then. I met Mary Ann one time when I while visiting Bill at St. Marys. Neither develop in Rochester.
  2. Mark Hanson – I have worked with Mark Hanson on a number of projects, I believe every one has passed unanimously. He is responsible for Orchard Hill Villas, Fox Valley Villas, Meadow Lake Townhomes & Patio Homes, and the last phase of Fox Hill. We have worked well with each other. I have asked for changes here and there to accommodate neighbors, and he has worked with us. Further I have relayed concerns to Mark and he is pretty quick to address them.
  3. Nate Stencil – Nate is working on a number of projects in Rochester most notably the project formerly known as Buckeye, and the workforce housing on the site of the Wicked Moose. The donation showed up unsolicited, through this website after he appeared at a council meeting on the Wicked Moose site. I tend to work quite a bit with affordable housing developers. Because the project was passed and not particularly controversial I was comfortable with this donation.

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