How much safer is Kutzky Park?

So I requested data on how the new alcohol policy has affected public safety in Kutzky Park. For this year we only allow alcohol in Kutzky Park with an event permit. Lets just say it was a good decision… Thanks to Officer Jeardeau for putting this together for me.

Call where alcohol caused a problem were down 89% in 2016. Did we just push the problem elsewhere, probably mostly not. Bear Creek has seen some issues but most other likely areas are not seeing issues.

Without giving you the extended version I will give you the meat and potatoes here.

I compared calls from 01-01-15 to 10-31-15 because that is when I ran them last year and compared them to 01-01-16 to 10-12-16 (the date I pulled the calls this year).  Its not exactly the same time frame but pretty close.  By the looks of the numbers I would say it was very successful.


Total Calls ————————————————————–    155         76

Calls regarding alcohol   ———————————————-    76           21

Calls where alcohol caused a problem —————————–   57           6

If you have further questions feel free to give me a call.

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