Wow Javon.

This is an actual unedited note from Javon Bea threatening a neighborhood volunteer. Part of #integrity is standing up to bullies. If you ever wonder why I spend time with neighborhood volunteers (even when they are mad at decisions I make like Alatus). It is because they get treated like this, but it usually is not in writing. Some council members claim only a few neighbors are concerned when in reality neighbors see this and are terrified.

Ms. Welsh,

I stand by every word I wrote and it is my opinion that you and a few of the members of Imagine Kuetzy(IK) (which is not an officially recognized group), are behaving and trying to enrich yourselves similar to a neighborhood gang that threatens —”pay us or we will beat you up.” Having always been the “shortest guy in the class” and learning to stand up to bullies, I do not intimidate. If you wish to engage in a law suit battle, then we should do so because I have been collecting background on many examples of projects that you and your group have tried to muscle.

I have received not one but TWO calls from the grocery wanting to know why a Jesse Welsh is calling them and why “this lady” is trying to interject herself between me and them (Miracle Mile LLC and their company). I called my attorney both times and he said if the grocery chooses not to come to Rochester and terminate my contract with them with this playing any part, we will sue you for tortious interference.

It is my opinion that you and your IK group believe, as one specifically stated to me in Fall of 2012 when I was planning the demolition of dilapidating buildings on Second Street, that “the City planning staff are a bunch of dummies.” It is my perception that you believe you are smarter than our City Planning department, our City Public Works department, the very experienced urban planners, and the urban architects that I have engaged to advise us on this project. Please excuse me, but I do not agree with you that you or your IK group are smarter than all of the above mentioned City staff and consultants.

I do not appreciate the abuse you and your Imagine Kuetzy group have given me. I will be taking the $25-million-dollar risk on this project and you have no financial risk involved. The neighbors’ property values will only increase as a result of replacing these dilapidated 64-year-old buildings with a beautiful project. Please do not complain about the taxes that you pay. We have looked up the taxes of the entire Kuetzy neighborhood and our entities combined pay more in city taxes than all of the houses in Kuetzy combined.

Lastly, I stand by my words that YOU HAD the older folks arranged at the planning meeting as I saw last Wednesday at the planning meeting how Dr. Faithe, who was sitting in front of me, kept signaling to you for your permission to get up and speak. This is why I believe you choreographed these older folks to do your bidding.

I have approved an increased cost of the Miracle Mile project by hundreds of thousands of dollars to satisfy the issues of those whom I consider the real neighbors. The issue raised by you and your group of turning the building will kill the project, just as you and your group killed the largest non-Mayo, non-government project in Rochester’s history with the hotel on Second Street.

Larry Brutger himself told me and my broker in great length that you and your group were a key cause for his decision to cancel that project. He stated this in the PB to Jay Furst as well. Larry stated to us that no matter how many changes he made nothing satisfied you and your group and that you finally wanted to get involved in his artwork inside. In you and your group’s eyes, what Larry really did wrong was use the wrong architect firm, just like I did on Miracle Mile.

Approved projects are only worth the paper they are printed on unless the financing is there to make them a reality. Just like the large hotel project on Broadway, unless Bob Lux can come up with $35-40 million dollars in cash, his 13 story project that your group supported (against all the Second Street corridor plan height restrictions) will become “old and cold” to all the financial institutions. They are no different than anyone else. The longer a project sits, the more the project gets cold because they “assume there must be something wrong with it”. Geez, what role will any members of your group have in this project if it becomes a reality?

Larry Brutger had his financing commitment in writing and the price he was paying for his land, which is in a better location to Saint Mary’s but was still only paying at a market consistent price as what is being paid by Lux and the property sale of Virgil’s land and behind. Please tell your friend, Sean Allen, that I am still waiting because he stated in the PB that “ this is not a huge loss for Rochester. We lost a $63 M dollar project, but we’re likely to get a $90 M project” on my land. Well I do not think I will hold my breath.

I believe that you and your group killed the largest non-Mayo, non-government project in Rochester’s history that had the financing and killed the tunnel for our patients and family members at the same time. In my opinion, you and your group are only hurting Rochester –unless of course you can make a buck intimating people to hire members of your gang at a much higher cost —and since I was serving as Sr Generose’s Assistant Administrator at Saint Marys and personally owning apartment buildings throughout the Kutzky neighborhood and renovating them before you were born, I have a little bit more history.

Since I understand you are from New York and knowing how many people in the East like to communicate through their lawyers, I will be waiting to communicate with you so I can really tell you what i think of you and your little gang.

Javon Bea

Full disclosure in 2012 / 2013 I accepted campaign contributions from Javon and family. These were disclosed. I have not and would not accept a penny from him or anyone associated since.


  1. It is direct and to the point and I sense a lot of frustration in trying to achieve something and coming against roadblocks.

  2. Javon Bea has tried to come into downtown Rochester and turn it into some upscale shit show made for millionaires by forcing out and needling every mom and pop business in downtown Rochester to further his career. He isn’t interested in preserving any sense of community that Rochester has built… all he wants is his almighty dollar. He has lost his own assistants due to his shady business practices and he has been sued for lease agreements that he failed to honor, only winning because he can afford better attorneys. He tried to run downtown businesses out to provide some kind of upscale experience for a very elite few, failing to realize that all kinds of people are coming to Rochester to Mayo Clinic, not just the affluent. Seriously… does anyone want Coach purses and accessories in downtown Rochester?? Those kinds of things belong at our Mall of America… we aren’t the right demographic for high-end stores. Because those stores he courted won’t come here, he is frustrated and lashing out at the small community groups in Rochester that are trying to preserve the integrity of our neighborhoods. Any caring that he appears to show for the community of Rochester or the Mayo Clinic and its workers is all bullshit. He is not a person from here or this area and has no loyalties here except for his (failed) business ventures and his purchases. And yes, he’s a bully… but worse yet, he’s a bully with the means to buy out everything that downtown Rochester has been built upon.

    I’m sure this comment won’t make it to this page because it is contrary to Javon Bea’s agenda. This guy has to go back to where he came from and leave our community to those that actually care about more than dollar signs and profit margins.

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