Killing the dinner meetings.

So Ardell Brede actually sent this out (link)…

Edit, I linked to my earlier post with the Office of State Auditor investigation.

Here was my response to Ardell & Council via administration.

I will continue to “boycott” every one of these meetings where no issue requiring my voice is discussed. Like all dinosaurs, this one needs to die… I am glad council member Campion pushed this issue. Regardless of the suspension I hope that he will join me in forcing a vote to end this permanently…

By the way the state is currently investigating these meetings, rightfully so. Let me count the ways I disagree with Ardell.

  1. He places “atmosphere” in quotes, nothing has changed but greater transparency.
  2. “Valuable Opportunity” not in the 8 years I have been on the council.
  3. “A setting that is more comfortable” Are you serious? More comfortable for who? Some people are more comfortable because there is little press, public, and never a recording or an agenda. I don’t want elected officials to be comfortable in this way.
  4. “January” – I have no intention of waiting…
  5. “Tradition for decades” – Stealing a phrase, tradition is a terrible reason to do anything…
  6. “Only opportunity to get to know each other on a personal basis.” Both not true, and not something I have seen in 8 years.
  7. “Dinner meetings are open to the public.” – Not really, we may or may not be in an accessible location, the public may or may not be able to hear, locations may or may not be accessible to those who don’t drive. Further, forget about seeing an agenda ahead of the meeting. I have to ask to determine if I need to attend.
  8. “We can do a better job on the size and location” – Ya think? Years ago Ardell told me that he would not schedule these events in locations that were inaccessible to transit, recently he scheduled one at the county club. I skipped and remain insulted, as should tax payers.
  9. “Nothing is secret” – Except the agenda and record… I have also heard the words “please don’t report on this” uttered at these meetings.
  10. “Transparency is an over used word in my opinion” – I bet it is “in your opinion,” not in mine…
  11. “Gain a better understanding of individual and potential controversial matters” – Great in theory, I just haven’t seen much of that in the last 8 years.
  12. “boycott” borders on “pulling a Kapernick” – Wow, I don’t even know where to start with that one. First of all, what Colin Kaepernick is doing is a peaceful protest for which a constitutional amendment was explicitly written to protect. Second, I am not sure it should be used as an analogy in an attempt to degrade the position of myself and council member Campion. Third, why would the mayor introduce this kind of charged analogy in the first place. SMH
  13. I would add that the name was spelled incorrectly, but I am notorious for poor spelling and grammar..


  1. I attended a meeting thinking it would be fun to hear people talking about what they read or discussion on issues but there was none of that. The meal I had was the cheapest on the menu at $18 for “cauliflower risotto” no meat. When I wanted to ask a question the cry attorney told me he couldn’t answer me. All the men of the council sat at one table so it was not possible to hear much of what was said. This seems the antithesis of an open meeting to me since it seemed like their was no purpose for a member of the public to attend if you can’t discuss any issues with council members. And nothing said complies with open meeting laws as I understand them. Plus it seems to me that it is not right to make them work afternoon and evening plus during the “meal break” that costs the taxpayers at least $200 that night.

    I would welcome casual opportunities to discuss and inquire about significant issues in this town like like I have attended with Mr. Wojcik. Now that was useful and informative! Most people would not want to spend $20 to sit and hear nothing and be ignored by council members.

  2. 13 reasons! Change #9 to document meeting with agenda and minutes after meeting. Show cost of lunch. For example: Then let everyone see $3K for dinner, 4 items on agenda, 1 item discussed with no resolution.

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