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Dunlap & Seeger Letter on behalf of Andy Chafoulias 

I recommended to the city administrator that this is a bad deal for the city of Rochester. It is far smarter for the community to plan for the area, and then determine a path forward. I would like some green space along with future development. I also think a developer competition is far better than direct selection. This discussion deserves some transparency.

I am concerned about the note that the city council received from Dunlap & Seeger. I fear that a direct selection of one developer is not in the public interest. I also feel that we should not make a decision until the current St. Marys Place public realm discussion is complete. Further I believe that parks or public works would want some input on the use of that land based on previous discussion.

-Michael Wojcik

Michael, I may have missed it, however, I have not seen the note. Steve

This appears to be addressed to you.

-Michael Wojcik

I have just located it in my in basket. I notice that it was cc to all council members. I will seek the staff input and schedule the matter for some review by the council. Steve

I guess if I was not occupied during the day responding to a multitude of e-mail messages and requests, I may have more time to look at the items that come into my in box on my desk. Steve

So here is what staff said:


My personal belief is that it is very premature to consider selling or disposing of this property to any party until we determine what is the best use of this site for this area. The property is the main entrance point to the St. Mary’s District in the DMC Development Plan and it has great potential to be used to enhance that area. That was the main reason that it was recommended for purchase by the staff. It was not my belief that the City was purchasing this site to quickly turn it around for development proposals through an RFP process, but to take some time in a deliberative process to determine the best possible use for the City and its citizens. It is my understanding that the City has full authority to determine how it may want to use this site in the future and is not required to convey the property to any specific party or that the City is under any pressure to move forward on this property at this time. I would wait and take our time and that could be more than a year in my opinion. It could be used for a project that makes an entrance statement for this district or it could be used in conjunction with some properties to the east for development purposes. There is no need to rush forward at this time.

Thanks, for the opportunity to comment.

Gary Neumann


I concur with Gary’s response on this matter. I do not see the need to be in any hurry to make any decisions as to how best use the property, including putting out an RFP for development proposals at this time.

Terry Speath

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