Uber… Not going anywhere…

It would appear the my efforts are not being rewarded with meaningful action in enabling Uber as an option in Rochester.

Here is the update from the city clerk. 

Reading between the lines, Uber will not pander to the good old boys existing traffic service, therefore we will not allow it. Let us suggest this other alternative to cover ourselves.

Adopt a general ordinance like the ones in Minneapolis/St. Paul. This would allow any TNC to come in and operate under basic guidelines. For reference, I provided a memo on the Minneapolis/St. Paul ordinances to the Council on April 12th. Uber has stated that they potentially have interest in coming in under a general ordinance. Lyft does not have any interest at this time but possibly in the future. The concern I have is that it is very difficult to find a situation where TNC’s have come into a City without a large amount of controversy and issues. I have a number of articles from 2014 to today from all over the world that detail the often difficult process of having TNC’s begin operations. I would like to avoid this situation if possible.


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