More Neighborhood Q&A

I promised to answer any follow up questions from the neighborhood forum last week. I did get some so here are additional answers.

Do you favor expanding the public library?


Do you believe that Soldier’s Field is an appropriate location for a new library?

Not without infrastructure to make it more accessible by walk, bike, transit, car & broadband. With infrastructure I could support.

Would you prefer expanding the current location or some other option?

I support whatever best provides critical library service to our community.

When reviewing a building for inclusion on a list of protected buildings for heritage preservation protected by City government, should a property owner be able to remove his building from being included on a list and opt out (assuming the building is in satisfactory condition)?

No, a building is either historic or it is not. There should be a fair process to be delisted for valid & verifiable reasons.

Should any Rochester resident be able to nominate a building for a heritage preservation ordinance and protection, even if he/she does not own that building?


In the nomination of buildings for a heritage preservation list, should a fee be charged be charged by the City to an owner or a non-owner to nominate a buildings (Pay to Play)?

Maybe not, I previously suggested a fee to prevent games, but it has been pointed out that this might be a solution in search of a problem. I’m open. I disagree that the cost of providing a service is pay to play.

Should a fee charged to someone, either owner or non-owner, who wants to appeal a decision of the Heritage Preservation Commission to the City Council?

See the previous answer.

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