The case for protected Bike Infrastructure

Too many pedestrians & cyclists are dying. People are more willing to use protected infrastructure and it is safe.

Here are some pictures and examples of how they work.

2 recent deaths:


Previous week:

The data is very clear that protected bike lanes work:

Contrary to common belief on street infrastructure is safer than off street. Especially when done right.

Lots of good reasons to do this.

Here are 8 game changers that would help Rochester for an infrastructure perspective:

1: West Rochester Bikeway

2: Broadway Ave:

3: City Loop

4: Close trail gaps:

  1. Cascade Creek between Highway 52 Frontage Road & Kutzky Park
  2. Silver Lake / Broadway Ave / 14th Street NE
  3. Soldiers Field along River on Both Sides
  4. Zumbro River to the North
  5. 7th street NE to Quarry Hill
  6. SE to Gamehaven along former rail bed

5: Kutzky Greenway connecting the park to St. Marys & City Loop.

6: Regional trails to Byron (Stagecoach), Stewartville (Planned State Trail), Eyota (Planned trail through Chester Woods), Oronoco (No current plans). Despite my objections, Olmsted County did not allow for a bike trail to go under the new bridge being built at 55th street.

7: Don’t forget about trees or else the routes can be unpleasant in the summer.



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