In support of Food Service workers in Rochester

Edit: Here is some related coverage by the Post Bulletin.

In short, I am disappointed in the decision by the Mayo Clinic to outsource hundreds of positions here in Rochester. I hope that they will hear the voices of the community and reconsider that decision. Even many of the Mayo Clinic employees not affected by this decision have expressed disappoint to me in how this will affect their colleagues. I have been contacted by a number of affected employees asking if I would be there for them. Of course I will…

The employees affected by this decision are not highly paid, in fact they are probably just paid enough to survive in Rochester, but they have good benefits and opportunities to grow at Mayo Clinic. Under the new arrangement they will see there benefits become less affordable and be driven closer to or into poverty. Even if wages were to remain flat, benefit costs would eat away at the finances of many of these already low wage employees. They will find a housing market facing an affordable housing crisis with little immediate help in sight. These conditions certainly would not put the needs of the patient first.

In support of those that I represent I hope to attend the information picket next week and speak at the DMCC meeting next Thursday. I also believe that the city of Rochester should be given authorization to set a minimum wage in the city or DMC district to make sure that the rights of workers are protected and social support structures are not overwhelmed. I still believe that DMC should be about building a great Rochester for ourselves, not just visitors and land speculators.

In solidarity…

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