“Pathological Liars” Apology

I was contacted by a number of friendsĀ upset that I described the 5 individuals that are known to be involved in creating a 501c4 Dark Money PAC as “Pathological Liars.” A few people contacted me that were upset that I used that language. One of them was my wife. As such I apologize for using that language, I should do better. Thank you for your honesty.

While I intended this as a tongue & cheek response to the question of these people denying the content of their own message, the tone clearly took away from the seriousness of the dark money allegations. As such I apologize for the choice of words.

I do however remain very angry that this is going on in my community and hope Rochester will come together to fight these special interest and their agenda. And for those of you that contacted me loving the comment; stop encouraging me…

I hate apologizing, but it is the right thing to do here.

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  1. Great accepting the mistake when using the liars accusation. Did not need the “I hate apologizing”

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