Latest Improvement to Cascade Lake

From Parks:

Good morning all….since this is a high profile area I wanted to share some information that we will be posting on our website and facebook pages. You may receive comments or questions about this work.

Beginning as early as next week clearing will begin for the impending shoreline and habitat restoration project along the north shore line at the west end of Cascade Lake.

This project will improve approximately 1000 feet slope bank area, increase fishing habitat, and provide better access to the lake in this location.

Because this project benefits the community and greatly improves the environment we received a Conservation Partners Legacy Grant along with local funding.

Access will be limited at times during this project.

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  1. Dear Michael: Regarding Cascade Lake Park and trails< ithink an important aspect is access to the trail, especially for neighbors coming from the Country Club Manor area (from the West, across West Circle drive). At one point a pedestrian bridge had been proposed on 3rd St NW, but ruled out because of high cost. A cheaper solution could be to put pedestrian crossings with caution lights, like the ones on 2nd St NW between downtown and St. Marys. It is not as good as a bridge, but at least is something.

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