Council Dinner Meeting Complaints

Barry Skolnick, filed 3 ethics complaints over the city council dinner meetings once a month. While all 3 were found NOT to be violations by the independant ethical practices board, I think Barry has a point.
I understand why some people find the format of the meeting to be beneficial, I personally think that this is a legacy of the past that should probably be ended.
I don’t expect that this will happen but there are 2 things that I have insisted be considered. 1st these meetings should be held in locations that are accessible to those without cars attending other meetings. Second, the public should be able to hear discussion and review council member positions taken on issues discussed.
I chose to skip a recent meeting at the Rochester Golf & Country Club for this very reason. I expressed my concerns in the past and have no interest in attending optional meetings where the many members of the public can not participate.
Interestingly this topic was covered by the Post Bulletin 1989:

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