On learning from ULI (Urban Land Institute)

I was introduced to the Urban Land Institute through work with the National League of Cities. In particular while serving as the National Chair for community & economic development I was offered the opportunity to work on a ULI team focused on building health corridors. You can read about that here. My involvement with the “Uptown Project” made me a natural fit for this project.

I have been blown away with the incredible wealth of knowledge that ULI is. Here are a few recent features that I found particularly interesting and applicable to Rochester. In the future I would like to continue my involvement with ULI.

Here is an article featuring Christopher Leinberger and others discussing advantages and concerns of increasing density in neighborhoods. This applies to places like Kutzky Park, Folwell, and the Historic SW.

Here is an article on trail oriented development. This applies to places like the Park at Kutzky.

Finally there is an article on resilience featuring Peter Cavaluzzi, one of the architects of the DMC plan. This article is not yet available on line, but it is fantastic and speaks to the need build sustainability into the DMC districts.

Learning from the best is part of how I prepare to do my job.

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