Campaign Logo Design?

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So this is the campaign logo I used in 2012. I am thinking about a refresh, but do not have art skills. I am happy to continue using this. Fortunately for me, I live in a community with a tremendous collaborative arts community. I will turn to your creative brilliance for inspiration!

As such; your challenge if you choose to accept it; is to come up with a new design!

If your design is picked you will be helping an elected official who is a passionate supporter of the collaborative arts community. You also will get recognition, a growler of a┬ábeverage of your choosing from a local business, and swag showing off your design. Also expect an arts party sometime during the campaign! Just Because…

I try to minimize the rules so as to let your creativity flourish.

  1. Typically my campaign colors have been Orange & White
  2. Of course try to include “Michael Wojcik” and possibly “City Council”
  3. Logos that work large or small tend to be best.
  4. Have fun!

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