Why TNCs (Uber)?

A Transit Networked Company (TNC) is a program that links those looking for rides with those willing to provide them. I support TNCs in Rochester without picking and choosing which ones can come here. Uber & Lyft are among the most well known TNCs. My preference is that we be open to any innovative company that wishes to do business here and meet are willing to meet our safety standards. I suspect that the entry of TNCs present a challenge to tradition cab companies, however protecting existing jobs is a terrible reason to stifle innovation.

1) Will TNCs will destroy local jobs?

I personally believe that in Rochester there will always be rolls for some cab drivers. TNCs may challenge existing jobs in the Taxi Industry however the deployment of driverless cars will do the same. We have seen many industries change with the advent of new technology. We didn’t ban Travelocity to protect travel agent jobs.

2) Will TNCs help reduce congestion, car dependence, and weaknesses in the transit system?


Here is an article from the Urban Land Institute on how TNCs has reduced the need for cars in some areas.

ULI: Multimodal Transit Dials Down the Need for Cars in Cities

3) Will TNCs endanger public safety?

No. Not if implemented correctly. While I do support TNCs, I also think we should require the same driver licensing that we do for cabs, this would ensure our standards are met. Further many cities have learned that TNCs like Uber can actually improve public safety.

Uber and DUIs

4) Should Rochester regulate TNC pricing?


5) Why are TNCs currently banned?

Because the ordinance the city council passed addressing taxi-cabs deliberately put in place requirements that do not apply and can not be met by TNCs. When the ordinance was passed I stated that the ordinance would effectively prevent TNCs from operating in Rochester. At the time the majority of the council was just fine with that. This might be changing.

6) Should TNCs be able to access the airport?

Yes, I believe so, so long as they pay the same access fee as cabs.


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