Travel Expenses

My personal sense is that this article written in the PB reads like a hit piece:

Council Travel Expenses

The information in the article is seemingly correct, but the Post-Bulletin had access to significant pieces of information that they chose to omit. Here are a few:

  1. The 2015 Total City General Fund finished $2.8 million under budget.
  2. The 2015 Total Mayor Council Budget finished $19,300 under budget.
  3. I estimate that the current council returns more than $100k in entitled but unused benefits to the city annually. In 2015, I personally was entitled to $19,435.44 in benefits that I gave back to the city. In short I alway give back more in benefits than my total expenses.
  4. I publish my travel expense for the world to see: 2015 Travel Expenses
  5. Because of my training I once caught a financial transaction which saved the city more than $40k in sales taxes by delaying a purchase 1 month. That one simple find has paid for every travel expense I have had in 8 years…

All of these were known to the PB or public information but omitted from the article. If you want someone that doesn’t strive for competence, I’m the wrong candidate for you.


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