Should Rochester pass a “Pollinator Friendly” Policy?

Should Rochester pass a “Pollinator Friendly” resolution?

Recommended Pollinator Policy

I sent a note to the Parks Department to see if they have any concerns about the language. The same note was sent to Stormwater Management as well.

I also asked the City Administrator to poll the council and see if there were 4 council members opposed. If not assuming the language is appropriate for Rochester AND I have a 2nd, we can bring this up for a vote.

Let me know what you think of the attached policy!

I personally manage my land in this way and actually treat much of my stormwater on site with a pollinator friendly rain garden!


  1. Highly support!! Note that these neonics are also severely reducing/exterminating our aquatic invertebrates, including mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, dragonflies & damselflies. All these are very important food sources for our fisheries.

  2. As a local beekeeper living just outside of Rochester, I also highly support this plan. With mounting evidence about the dangers of neonics, it’s time for us as consumers to take a stand.

  3. You’ll likely get pushback from the city tree folks. I recall they’re using neonics to treat the Ash trees as a way to mitigate Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). When I relayed my concerns, they responded that Ash trees are wind-pollinated (and not insect-pollinated) and thus pollinators won’t be exposed to any pollen which might have neonics within. Just because a tree is wind-pollinated doesn’t mean pollinators won’t gather pollen. It’s well-dcomented that bees will visit corn, even though corn is wind-pollinated. I’ve not seen the evidence that neonics are an effective way to mitigate EAB. Thus such use of a neonic would seem to have little, if any, positive effect for the trees yet it further disseminates the neonics into the local environment. My other concern is that reducing/eliminating neonics might result in an increased use of the old pesticides that were far worse that neonics. The proposed ordinance only speaks to neonics and system pesticides, but not the “old fashioned” pesticides.

  4. I support. Can start by stop planting ginkgo trees. I also have concerns with the city’s EAB chemical plan.

  5. I strongly support this ordinance! Whatever we can do to save pollinators and stop polluting our land and water with chemicals, I am all about! Please, let’s lead the way for being a pollinator friendly city in MN!

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