2016 NLC Conference in DC

I am excited to take 2 continuing education course prior to the Nation League of Cities in Washington DC. Today I am in a full day course on Urban Planning (on of my passions). This program is being put on

I hope to bring this course to Rochester in conjunction with the comprehensive plan update.

ULI Urban Plan

Rose Center for Public Leadership

Tomorrow I am in a half day course on building a creative city. Here are some materials I was sent to study in advance of that session. If you are interested in how you build a thriving creative city, you might enjoy reading these materials:

The Real Source of America’s Urban Revival

The Winners & Losers of Economic Clustering – Richard Florida

The Future of the American City – Financial Times

Cities must be Cool, Creative, and in Control – Michael Bloomberg

Creative Talent – The Guardian

Back to the City – Harvard Business Review

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