Demographics of Rochester Boards & Commissions

Here is some data on the makeup of Rochester’s Boards and Commissions. I strongly disagree with Councilmen Hickey & Hruska who suggested the make up is this way because we are selecting the best citizens. The fact that we are more than 2-1 male tells me clearly we are not engaging the community and getting the best. Based on this data I will ask that the Mayor provide the list of applicants along with the recommendations for appointment. I would have more sympathy for the status quo if I was not aware of the incredibly talented women that have been passed over for boards. I also don’t accept that we are limited by applications as the Mayor is responsible for getting people from all walks of life engaged in the community.

The racial data is a little harder to interpret. While we know that about 50% of the community is women, we know that about 22% of the population is minority in the last census. The difficulty is that I don’t know what the adult minority portion of the population is, we know that children of color in this community are far more than 22%.

If we don’t hear from all voices in the community we won’t effectively serve the entire community. Case and point: Heavy developer subsidies for luxury housing: HELL YES! Focus on transit & affordable housing: NOPE! Bottom line is it is easier to learn and apply online if you can afford broadband…

 photo Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 3.34.18 PM_zpsfc1iaxf5.png

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