Wojcik 2016 Campaign

As 2015 comes to an end please consider supporting my 2016 campaign for Rochester City Council Ward 2.

Go to votewojcik.org and click in the upper Right Hand Corner “Donate Now”

OR Send a check to:

Wojcik for Rochester

984 Fox Knoll Dr. SW

Rochester, MN 55902

2015 campaign limits:

  • $250 per person
  • $100 per person – Anonymous in reporting

2016 campaign limits

  • $600 per person
  • $100 per person – Anonymous in reporting

Who is Michael Wojcik:

  • Husband, Father of 2 daughters, Host for foreign exchange student
  • Small business owner providing financial services to churches & nonprofits
  • Extensive education including Masters of Electrical Engineering & MBA from the University of Minnesota, CFA Level III Exam
  • Continuing education in Finance, Technology, Community & Economic Development, and Local Government
  • Areas of expertise include: Government Finance, Public Utilities, Energy, Environment, Transportation, Community Development, and Public Arts
  • National roles: National Chair, NLC Community & Economic Development Board, NLC Board of Directors, ULI Healthy Corridors National Task Force.
  • Rochester resident since 1999
  • Enjoys: Travel, Backpacking, Biking, Soccer, Arts, Craft Beer

Why we are starting our campaign now:

  • Be prepared, build new website (pretty much untouched in 3 years), prepare new campaign materials
  • 2012 experience of opponent violating campaign finance law – initiating significant campaign spending without filing finance report
  • 2012 experience of opponent using solar panel litigation against my family (we eventually won this frivolous lawsuit)
  • Focus on personal conversations during busy campaign season

What we have been able to do since 2008:

  • Historically low crime rates in Rochester: (Personally involved is shutting down human trafficking operation on 2nd street SW despite threats from a local attorney)
  • Minnesota’s first Complete Streets policy requiring staff to consider needs of all road users
  • Booming economy with low unemployment and high job growth
  • Improved safety for all road users including bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Stronger neighborhood associations with the ability to influence policy
  • Reinvestment in the Uptown district
  • Development of Cascade Lake park
  • Fix environmental degradation of drainage ways
  • Implemented independant “Ethical Practices Board”
  • Initiated revision of 40 year old comprehensive plan
  • Removed local barriers for craft brewing industry

What we continue to work on and hope to achieve going forward

  • A financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable Rochester
  • Significantly enhanced high quality affordable housing development
  • Improved public transportation hours and effectiveness, serve needs of nonprofits & schools
  • Municipal broadband offering world class connections at affordable prices for families and businesses
  • A world class St. Marys Place that is inviting and safe for pedestrians, transit, local businesses, and neighborhoods
  • Invest in Public Library space to meed surging community demand
  • Continued reinvestment in downtown Rochester

First of all many of you reading this have lent me support for years and I want to once again say thank you. In 2016, I will once again file to run for the Rochester City Council, Ward 2. As I have stated for years, I do not enjoy the position, but I find it to be both critically important and rewarding. There will come a time where I will choose to step aside and let younger talent take my place



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