Another pedestrian killed by driver.

Another pedestrian was killed by an inattentive driver on Civic Center Drive & it was not an accident. It was a collision in a location that offers no safe crossings. There is no safe place to cross Civic Center drive between 6th Ave and 11th Ave and frankly those intersections are not that safe. There is a trail underpass in the area that may have been slick, wet, or snow covered at the time. I have not yet seen the incident report on this since I am in Europe, but here is the likely case:
  1. A pedestrian crosses at a location of convenience. Regardless of actions, it is almost always illegal to hit a pedestrian.
  2. Any intersection of 2 roadways is a crosswalk regardless of whether it is marked or not, pedestrians have the right of way a crosswalks. This is not well understood. In this case because there are pseudo frontage roads there may have been no crosswalks.
  3. A car is moving too fast or the driver is too inattentive for this location, usually both. The latter appears to be the case and a different car did see the pedestrian and stop.
  4. A lack of lighting or crosswalks in an urban area is not an excuse to be used to protect the driver, but rather the very reason why the driver should have been going slower. At 20 MPH a pedestrian usually lives at 40 MPH they usually die.
I get criticized for immediately discussing this every single time it happens, but the reality is that the driver rarely faces any consequences and the public forgets about the killings shortly after they happen. I predict that the person who took a life will be driving within 1 year. In all the times that I have ever spoken up when one of these happens, I have yet to be wrong… This is not because I am a profit, rather it is almost always the same…
This is the only time where there is any focus on the issue, the ruble will be back to not caring in a week. For example we are approaching the 10th anniversary of a death on West Circle Drive and Olmsted County has basically absolutely nothing to address existing safety issues at 3rd St NW.
Most media has stopped using the counterproductive term “accident” but in this case KAAL TV (which is a great organization and one of the best in the region) used that term. This needs to stop. While a driver would never choose to hit a pedestrian, they often choose to drive distracted or at speeds where by they can not react to the conditions that are present. City roadways are not freeways.
I can tell you that city staff has been working to increase speed through the Civic Center Drive corridor without consulting neighbors.
Within the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (US DOT/NHTSA), the word “accident” will no longer be used in materials published and distributed by the agency. In addition, NHTSA is no longer using “accidents” in speeches or other public remarks, in communications with the news media, individuals or groups in the public or private sector.

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